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Boomer Generation

Boomer Generation

You own a successful business. It is inevitable that someday you will leave your business, either on your terms and schedule or someone else’s. The primary cause of failure is—lack of planning. Make the time to develop a comprehensive Business Exit Plan for what may be the most important financial event of your life.

Boomer Generation Business Owners

Generation X


Are you a candidate to take over the family business? Did you know that only about 30% of family businesses survive a transition to the second generation? The root cause of failure is—lack of planning. A successful business succession generally requires at least five years of preparation.

Next Generation Business Owners


Generation X

Help your valued clients successfully exit or transition their business by maximizing business value, minimizing taxes and being prepared financially for unexpected contingencies. Business Exit Timing is your professional resource for the developement and implementation of a comprehensive, customized, written Business Exit Plan for your clients.

Professional Advisors

“At any given time, 40% of U.S. businesses are facing the transfer of ownership issue.   The root cause of failure is— lack of planning.”

Every Owner Needs a Business Exit Plan

Most exits fail without a written comprehensive Business Exit Plan.

An Exit Plan….

  • Maps out cash flow, taxes and life style consequences for each exit scenario
  • Prepares your business for contingencies in the event life throws you an unexpected curve
  • Prepares your business for continuity beyond your leadership
  • Prepares you and your business for the Baby Boomer Tsunami  that is flooding the market with more business sellers than available buyers
  • Helps your business attract more qualified buyers
  • Places a premium on the value of your business
  • Demonstrates accountability to your stakeholders

BETiming exists for the purpose of helping business owners successfully exit from their businesses. We use a proprietary systematic approach, BET’s 6-Step Business Exit Planning Process™, to ensure you realize maximum value for your business, minimize tax consequences and are prepared financially for any unforeseen contingencies.

We don’t initiate the exit planning process with preconceived ideas about your current path to exit your business. Instead, we function as your coach, making sure that your individual Owner Objectives drive the design of your Business Exit Plan and guide the implementation. At BETiming we begin where most advisors depart—by helping you identify and articulate your personal goals and quantify your financial objectives.

If you resemble most of our clients, your business represents the largest portion of your net-worth. It is therefore probable that you will need a liquidity event, one that converts your non-liquid business assets into cash, before you can exit successfully.

BETiming has helped numerous business owners, like yourself, develop a written Business Exit Plan using BET’s 6-Step Business Exit Planning Process™. Let BETiming position you to benefit from the fruits of your labor and realize the bounty of your life’s work.

“BET designed and helped implement a customized Exit Plan for my business. Now I no longer lie awake at night staring at the bedroom ceiling while worrying about the “what ifs.”

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